Uwe Pfaff


Heavy metal entwines with the filigree of dreams in work that teases the onlooker with its unavoidable presence, beautifully tactile yet whispering of mischief driven philosophy.

Uwe Pfaff was born in 1947 in Rye, Denmark and grew up in Germany, and arrived in South Africa in 1970.

Whilst critics strain the adjectives to describe the spirit made metal creations, the Circus Master Pfaff introduces further images into the ever-shifting equation that will never become formulaic the concept of the steel singing heads, whereby the sculpture is not simply an inert conversation piece, but can come alive with tonal joy when struck.

The Pfaff phenomenon is the realization of the unconscious life in the everyday.

It is with humility that Uwe states, “I dare say I do dream, I cannot wait to hit the pillow every night, it is almost like going overseas or into space. Other worlds await me, and waking up I remain attached to the dream like chewing gum to gums.”

The amalgamation of the elemental with the emotional ensures longevity to a work that can be shared and cherished by both the playful and serious aspects of any audience.

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