Roelie van Heerden


Was born in sunny Pretoria South-Africa on 20 February 1971.  After matriculating in 1988 he studied Town and Regional Planning at the University of Pretoria where he finished with an Honours degree in 1994.

During the last 3 years of study he quit twice to go on extensive holidays in Africa.

During this time of turmoil and self-discovery his brother committed suicide and his father died of cancer.

Prompted by a feeling that life is too short and temporary to waste by doing a deadening job he started to paint.

Since then he has taken part in various group exhibitions in Pretoria and Johannesburg and had his first solo exhibition at Terre Verte Gallery in Pretoria in 1995.

He has ventured into the international market with an exhibition in Erlangen Germany in 1998 and is now represented by galleries in Germany and Switzerland.

He is currently based in Cape Town but spends most of his time holidaying in Africa.


“We have lost touch with our most basic human feelings and we need to reconnect to ourselves, our lives and our world. Your life, and that includes your job, is meant to be enjoyed. Choose the world that surrounds you to make you feel alive.” (Christopher Alexander, The Nature of Order, 2004).





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