Kendall- Leigh Nash


I was born in the Free State, but grew up in Port Elizabeth. My story begins, like many, with my parents. They are both avid hikers and took us on camping trips and hikes all over the Eastern Cape throughout my life. This love and appreciation of nature has followed me around and inspired my work as an artist.

Once I had graduated from Rhodes University, I moved to Cape Town where I became a professional photographer for 7 years, when finally my love and passion for painting and drawing, overtook my desire to continue working as a photographer. The qualification and experience I gained in the field of photography taught me an enormous amount and so inspired my love of light.

It is an endlessly fascinating medium and speaks to my use of black and white as the predominant theme running throughout my work. It comes naturally to me, as I consider light and shadow when capturing these images as reference for my paintings. What I love most about painting landscapes is that I am training my eye to see shapes in the shadows and light.

When I go up close to paint, suddenly I am in another world and I’m not seeing actual things, but just noticing where the light hits and where the shadows fall and how these contrasts create the texture of a mountain or a sky.

The process in itself is creative and gives me the freedom and challenge to come up with ways to portray what I see and feel. I am deeply
inspired by nature, (be that in plant, animal or landscape form) it is
something that I want to be surrounded by constantly and I use this passion to create the pieces I hope will inspire the audience. 

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