Fadiel Hermans


Born in 1971, no less than 200 metres away from where G2 Art is situated,
Fadiel Hermans has vivid memories of a childhood growing up in the BoKaap, the people and the images he was surrounded by.
In 1991 he did a short graphic design course and thereafter worked in the printing industry.
With no other formal fine-art training, he paints incessantly with mainly oils, and often incorporates ribbon, charcoal, found-objects and glitter on the surfaces of his canvas.

He has a uniquely rich narrative style of painting that leads the viewer through a multitude of storylines which are more than often evasive and open-ended, allowing the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

Painting from as far back as he can remember, Fadiel has been constantly covering up or destroying his completed works due to the very personal approach he takes towards his art.

However, due to constant prompting from his 2 most ardent fans, his 10 and 13
year old son and daughter, he has finally decided to take a leap of faith and share his work via G2 Art Gallery. This is the artists first attempt to share his artworks and stories with the public.

“Painting has been a constant in my life and is a deeply-rooted private, passionate
attempt at making sense of my life, surroundings and experiences.

I am constantly leading my eye and hand down the many, many pathways of stories and images floating around in my mind, with the hope of capturing some of them successfully on canvas”

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