David Liknaitzky


I am a retired doctor, a haematologist, now 80, yes eighty, years old, alas, and have always had an interest in the history and philosophy of art and of the vagaries of the human condition.

I have been seriously involved in sculpture for about the last thirty years with a number of exhibitions in Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Durban and Johannesburg and have in fact sold a reasonable number of works, possibly enough to cover expenses.

I have attempted to show my take on some of the absurdities of our nature, often with allusions to philosophy, nature and our place in the cosmos, where we find ourselves unasked and unbidden, as it were.

I often use found pieces, especially hand wrought and even industrial tools which are so beautiful in their own right, usually making their own , profound, statements – with a little bit of help maybe.

Quite a lot of physical work is involved in the cutting, beating and patina-ing of the metal, but of course most of the work is done in the head…..really.

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