Di Smith


I am a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist and am in awe of, and inspired by creative people, whom I am lucky enough to meet and interact with almost every day!

If I had a wish for the world it would be to have every person, create something – in order to grow, to learn, to understand, to respect and value, we need to create.

My sculpture is generally figurative and the assemblage is dominated by found objects. Wabi Sabi – the Japanese aesthetic of finding beauty in things incomplete, imperfect and impermanent probably best sums up my love of found objects.

My painting and conceptual work are often an expression of the human condition and events I feel strongly about.  I experiment with a combination of media including paint, wood stain, clay, paper, threads, bees-wax, collage, building materials etc. 

“All I really want is to continuously get lost in the process and I would love my work to evoke some thought and comment by the viewer.”   

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