Kelly John Gough


Bold, rich oils on a raw backdrop of wood panel; elegant, classical figures with a provocative, erotic edge – Kelly John Gough’s artwork embodies a breathtaking joining of juxtapositions. Inspired by the human form, Kelly paints vibrant, striking nudes with a composition that’s enriched by strong chiaroscuro, exciting areas of negative space and the natural grain and knots of his signature wooden panel canvas. From large-scale pieces that bring a whole building to life to compact miniatures that enliven a wall or desk, Kelly’s distinctive style never fails to make a statement.

Kelly John Gough - Speculative Buoyancy - Oil on board 800mm x 600mm R15000.00

Born and raised in South Africa, Kelly has been painting since he could walk – experimenting with art for the first time as a young child, under the masterful eye of his fine-art trained father. After studying graphic design and working in the publishing and production industry for 12 years, Kelly took the plunge and embraced his first love full-time in 2001. Now, after 12 years as a full-time artist, Kelly enjoys exhibitions at a number of prestigious galleries, hotels and boutiques including Grande Provence (Franschhoek), Red! The Gallery (Steenberg), G2 Art (Cape Town) and Kat van Duinen boutique (Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock). Kelly works from his studio based in Cape Town.

Kelly John Gough - Reflection - Oil on boxed Board 1200mm x 1000mm R37000.00

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